Audience Dialogue

Participative Marketing for Local Radio
Chapter 5: Publicity and promotion

Chapter 5 is one of the longest in the book and perhaps the second most valuable in commercial terms. In order to encourage a few sales, this chapter is no longer available on the Web. To read it, you will need to buy the book. The topics covered in chapter 5 are:

5.1 The need for a memorable name

Callsigns as names
Frequences as names
Names as names

5.2 On-air publicity

Station IDs on air
On-air slogans: give information instead
Theme tunes
Scheduling promos
Quarter-hour maintenance

5.3 Off-air publicity

Advertising your station on other media
Press releases
Launchings<br? signage<br=""> Billboards
Enlist your advertisers' help
Encourage your listeners to go public

5.4 Printed publicity

Slogans can be useful - off-air

5.5 Cultivating word of mouth

Be near your audience
Outside broadcasts

5.6 The importance of a long-term view

5.7 Sharing publicity


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